The Beantown Photo Booth Rental MA

We are a small, family owned business located in Bridgewater ma. We started the beantown photo booth while considering a photo booth for our own wedding. We were attracted to the idea of a photo booth because it brings fun and positivity to events, entertains your guests, bringing them closer together, all while providing them and you with a memento of the day. Who wouldn't want to do that for a job?

Photo booths can be a blind item, because many consumers don't realize that each photo booth business is not the same. We saw that there is a huge gap in quality of product and service from one business to the next, this can happen in the wedding industry, as most couples have never planned a wedding before. Being experience in multiple facets of wedding service, Co-Owners Jeremy and Katie deliver the highest level of professionalism and dependability to you, your event, and making sure that your guests have an exceptional time.

About the Owners.
Jeremy has been in the photo printing industry for over 20 years. He is a techie and a musician and also plays the drums in a wedding band. Katie is also quite comfortable in the wedding industry, as an Esthetician/Makeup artist with 11 years experience as well as creating custom bridal jewelry through Posh Pennyweights Jewelry. Katie also has professional experience in photography and is great making people smile.

We know the importance of getting the most happiness out of your event and keeping things running smoothly. We take this responsibility very seriously and we are honored to deliver our services to each and every event.

Photo Booths.
The Photo Booth is approx. 4 feet by 6 feet and can comfortably fit a small group of up to 4 adults at a time (although we have seen up to 8 people cram in there). It is very portable and can be moved up stairs and can be set up in about 20 minutes. It uses professional studio quality equipment and lighting for great looking photos. The rental fee includes free unlimited use of the photo booth for your guests for the rental period.

Photo Booths Prints.
Our photo booth prints the photos instantly (about 10 seconds). We offer a classic photo booth strip (2x6) with 4 photos and a small logo at the bottom or a 4x6 print with 4 photos and a logo in the center. See Examples Each is available as Single Prints or Double Prints. Because the 4x6 uses more paper and ink, there is a $50 fee for 4x6 double prints.

Our attendants are friendly, polite professionals experienced in the photography field. They are well-spoken and well-dressed and operate your photo booth professionally and attentively. They are there to enhance your event and the experience of you and your guests. Our crew consists of one technician and one attendant. The technician is trained to be able to set up the booth and fix any problems that may occur. The attendant is there to help your guests and answer any questions. We do not have uniforms but we do have a dress code. For weddings and other formal event's dress code is formal dress wear meaning suits or dresses. For birthday parties and other casual events our dress code is business casual.

Travel Fee.
There is a small travel fee of $4 per mile for every mile over 50 miles from our Bridgewater MA location. For example, Nashua NH is 70 miles from us so the travel fee is $80. There is no travel fee for locations within 50 miles of our location.

If you would like to reserve a photo booth for your event, please check out our Packages